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Food companies in Egypt

A comprehensive overview of the food industry in Egypt - from dairy and processed food over beverage companies, as well as the latest industry news.

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We are exporter of coconut and cocopeat from India.
All dairy products of cow milk
Our company trade quality goods export mostly Food like wheat rice, saffron, tea, spices & pulses etc.
Vending machines
Al huda frozen agro foods is indian based company.. deals in all type of buffalo meat @ Offals.
Premium Products
ALIORGANIC is focusing on planting and research of organic jujube, and is the best partners the global jujube series.
a restaurant that contains many cultures
provides all kind ofmeat, fresh fruits and vegetables to restaurants and others interested buyer
Our company Amet Venture Ltd. located in Kiev, Ukraine. We in trade by vessels/containers of agro products from Ukraine, Russia and Moldova
Home water and clean drinking water for home purpose.
Bait food is company for producing powders use in kitchen to cook cakes ,gelly,packing powder and patesre raw materials
Catering solutions
we have 20 years experience of manufacturing
We own Miette French Bakery brand
A fully integrated company works in poultry production
Also in feed production and slaughter houses
Fish-Company from Estonia - Cargotrade OU
We offer fish from Baltic Sea and FAO 27.
Main products are:
Baltic Sprat
Baltic Herring
Baltic Smelt
Produce agricultural products
Specialized in studying Egyptian markets and Egyptian growers having vast farms all over Egypt and find foreign Traders to act for him as an agent.