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Food companies in Egypt

A comprehensive overview of the food industry in Egypt - from dairy and processed food over beverage companies, as well as the latest industry news.

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beet sugar factory
We are suppliers of dried herbs and spices . We focus on satisfying our clients and their needs .
We offer what client need with affordable prices
Established in 1999, manufacturing Confectionery , snacks and Chips products.
We are Egypt Quality Company for Services in Egypt , we serve you to check your products while you are at home.
Manufacturer of ice cream, chocolate, snacks, chips and biscuites. Importer of machines and row materials.
fath cateirng plan wedding/catering/food&beverage/food control/hotels mangment/small bussince for hotel/large bussince for hotel
El Marwa is specialized in the field of freezing and preserving fruits and vegetables by the aid of state of the art equipments.
el shamadan for industry food in egypt
I am a worker in a big company and i love my work everyday from 7 AM to 9 pm nice work :P and i.. nothing more to talk about XD
Trade and Import and operating a factory for 10 and 11 gm sachets instant dry yeast
We supply: tyres, water treatment equip. all food categories, frozen meat, Fuel optimizer & fuel saver, edible oils, industrial equipment, etc
I am ahmed alaa
Exporter of fresh fruits and vegetables.
The refrigerator Distriboi, an 100% Brazilian company, was Founded in 2009, by a businessman of humble origin with roots in rural work. Bovine meat.