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Food companies in Egypt

A comprehensive overview of the food industry in Egypt - from dairy and processed food over beverage companies, as well as the latest industry news.

hitac Trading Company working in the field of fresh &frozen vegetables and fruits with best prices & packing and quality.
Fruit Link
Cairo EG
Our company – Fruit Link – is a leading company in the field of Exporting Fresh Fruits and vegetables from Egypt to all over the world.
Extra Global
Victoria, Alexandria EG
The Company exports and growers of Egyptian agricultural products such as potatoes, onion, graps, pomegranate and orange.
FATA produces fresh products such as grapes and mangos from its vast farms. In 2001, its production was directed to the export market.
Al Sakr for Food Industries
New Borg El Arab Alexandria EG
Producer of processed cheese and importer of raw materials, beef, butter and tuna. Exporter of processed cheese and natural cheddar cheese.
It manufactures frozen vegetables and fruits, jam, tomato paste and puree as well as juice in Tetrapak and glass bottles.
Green Point company considering as a pioneer of exporting fruits and vegetables from Egypt to Worldwide
Who we are basically?? We are pasta Makers & Bakers; Our Main purpose is to create Highest Quality.
Misr Oils and Soap
Downtown EG
Company engaged in the extraction and refining oils from plants and animals, and production of soap and detergents.
IBIC Group
New Cairo EG
IBIC Group is an Egyptian Company registered in the manufacturing, international trading, export and import, distribution, and commercial agencies.
Unifood is a member of United Investment Group, specialized in the production and marketing of world-class quality frozen range of products.
The company is the major shareholder of 20 large and medium chemical industries companies.
Stars of Export Co.
Tansa al Malaq , Nasser , Bani Swif EG
Exporter of fresh vegetables and fruits. Specializes in Garlic , Spring onion , Dry onion , grapes, pomegranate , strawberries , Green Peans ,
Real Fresh Agriculture
Alexandria EG
Exporter of frozen agriculture products.
A leading Egyptian Company that Provides Frozen Vegetables Fruit and Exports to many Countries around the Globe.
Nasr City Cairo EG
Producer and exporter of fresh fruits and vegetables to the European markets.
Sadat Agro Fruit
sadat city EG
Sadat Agro-Fruit is reputable for Oranges Navel, Baladi and Valencia, Mandarins, Lemons, Grapes, Pomegranate, Onions, Potatoes and Strawberries.
Vegi Farm established at 1999, they are one of the biggest producers of frozen fruits and vegetables.
El Kenana for Export
Gamasa, Dakahlia EG
Export of fresh fruits and vegetables to the European market.
Cairo EG
Our range of products is the agriculture products like Fruits and vegetables, herbs and legumes & the Egyptian handmade products.