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Food companies in Egypt

A comprehensive overview of the food industry in Egypt - from dairy and processed food over beverage companies, as well as the latest industry news.

Our company Amet Venture Ltd. located in Kiev, Ukraine. We in trade by vessels/containers of agro products from Ukraine, Russia and Moldova
Consulting firm
Catering solutions
Production of vegetable oils
We serve the best roasted seeds, nuts,as well as the finest coffee beans. Looking ahead to reserve our market portion to be the domenant player ever.
Produce agricultural products
Worldwide Largest food beverage
beet sugar factory
Specialized in studying Egyptian markets and Egyptian growers having vast farms all over Egypt and find foreign Traders to act for him as an agent.
We are one of best spechial fertilizers and agro chemical in egypt
fath cateirng plan wedding/catering/food&beverage/food control/hotels mangment/small bussince for hotel/large bussince for hotel
el shamadan for industry food in egypt
I am a worker in a big company and i love my work everyday from 7 AM to 9 pm nice work :P and i.. nothing more to talk about XD
We supply: tyres, water treatment equip. all food categories, frozen meat, Fuel optimizer & fuel saver, edible oils, industrial equipment, etc
Products development
New products recipes
New machinery recommendations
Food research and quality assurance
The refrigerator Distriboi, an 100% Brazilian company, was Founded in 2009, by a businessman of humble origin with roots in rural work. Bovine meat.
biotech company for organic agriculture
Coffee beans
Import and export food stuff specially frozen protein and vegetables.with distribution network covers all Egypt.
We have the pleasure to introduce our company to you , We are Green Valley For Import & Export one of the prominent producers of frozen
Farming and food security
At the moment I am executive chef in Egypt responsible for 3 restaurants.Lebanese.&international cousin& light snacks cousin plus banquets ball rooms
Healthy Food committed to provide consumers with the ultimate choice of a high quality product.(Coffee,Tea,Juces,Beans&Pulses,Cake,Cans Products.
Hypermarket and supermarket
Haubergstr. 33
57072 Siegen
342 / 5912 /1706
DE 298447895
Mobile : +40 (0)747 396 004
E-mail : mircea.v