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Bakeries and Confectionary industry in Egypt

A comprehensive overview of the food industry in Egypt - from dairy and processed food over beverage companies, as well as the latest industry news.

all foods
cairo EG
all foods is one of the bigst company in egypt itis works in oryantail sweets and pastrey
ira for trading
cairo EG
health snacks products
Ahmed Mohamed Raslan Co.
Port Said Port Said EG
Importer and exporter of all canned foodstuff, biscuits, candies and chocolates.
Al Ahmady for Chocolate and Confectionery
New Borg Al Arab City, Alexandria EG
Al Ahmady is one of the leading companies in the field of manufacturing and trade of chocolate, and was founded in Egypt since 1997.
Al Alamia Company is a family business based in Egypt since 1999 for importing and distributing food products.
Supplying all raw materials necessary for food & confectionary production. All types of powder milk, ghee, butter dairy products
Al Sanabel Co/Aboullaban/ for superb pastry manufacture
Producer of chocolate and confectionery. Importer of cocoa butter and exporter of chocolate and candies.
bakery machinery, bakery oven,rotary rack oven, deck oven, bread oven, dough divider, convetion oven, dough rounder, volumetric divider, dough mixer
Food service equipment, bakery, pastry, ice cream, hospitality and confectionery equipment.
Hochiminh city, Vietnam EG
BETRIMEX, biggest producer of Desiccated Coconut from Vietnam. Can produce 04 Grades: Fine, Medium, Chips,Flakes. Skype: export.betrimex
Continental Trade
Heliopolis Cairo EG
The Company produce and pickle all kinds of olives (green and black) and other vegetables (carrot, cucumber, onions, pepper, lemon etc.)
Dahab for Biscuits
El Manshia Alexandria EG
Producer and exporter of biscuits and chocolates. Importer of sugar and machines for the production of biscuits.
Delta Co. for Sweets & Food Industries
10th of Ramadan City Sharqia EG
Producer, trader, importer and exporter of sweets, peppermint oil, cacao powder, butter and chocolate.
Producer and exporter of confectionery and chocolate.
Producer and exporter of biscuits, wafer, chocolate, chewing gum, corn flakes and confectioneries.
Importer of machines, spare parts, raw materials, corn gritze and tea. Exporter of potato chips, corn snacks, biscuits, wafer, gum and croissant.
El Rabei company produce all kind of sweets, chocolate, biscuits, wafers and dry sweets
Manufacturer of sweets and confectionery. Exporter of sweets products (snaps, weaver). Importer of spare parts of machines.
The company is one of the Egyptian companies specialized in the manufacture and distribution of nutrition products in Egypt.
El Shepy Sweet
Hadayek El Kobba Cairo EG
Producer of bakery and sweets.
Eldomiaty Postry
Giza Giza EG
Manufacturer of sweets, desserts and patisseries (oriental and French).
Halwani Brothers S.A.E.
10th of Ramadan, Sharkeya EG
Processed food meat, jam, juices, halwa, biscuits.
HANGOUT food court located in Alexandria ,
A place to chill out .
Bella Note pizzeria
Soft drink Bar
Mini market