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The Energy Sector of Egypt

A comprehensive overview of the energy sector of Egypt - including oil & gas, wind and solar energy and environment-friendly waste and water disposal, as well as the latest industry news.

Public Tier I University
This company has a tender in gulf of suez petroleum company . we work in the wireline specially in the slickline.
Manufacturer of Well Head and Christmas Trees
System Integrator
Compost Turner Machinery is a leading compost production facility manufacturer in China.
Drilling and work over rigs as HSE Supervisor
Chitosan•Egypt - Pioneer EG + MENA biotech company expert in manufacturing high competence chitosan and Chitosan solutions for all sectors.
one biggest company in oil and gas in egypt
it is a service and product based market research company
Specifications, design, solutions in the field of process industry. Process control instruments specifying and supplying
Hunan Keensen Technology Co.,Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of RO membrane and NF membrane at China also the manufacturer of membrane sheet
NOV Rig Technologies
NOV Wellbore Technologies
NOV Completion & Production Solutions
specialized in manufacturing the (reinforced and pre-stressed) concrete pipes needed in potable water and sanitation.
Petrosannan Company is producer of oil and gas in Egypt
Plastic recycling
i am dealing mining company
Air Liquide is specialized in Industrial Gases (Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon & Acetylene) as well as Carbon Dioxide
AIRA 4MATIC VALVE AUTOMATION is USA based valve and Automation manufacturing company -
Concentrated solar power plants manufacturer
Manufacturers’ representative for a number of firms in the Oil & Gas industry as well as the Chemicals & Petrochemicals industry.
BHGE is the first and only full stream company