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Chemical companies in Egypt

A comprehensive overview of the chemical industry in Egypt - find pharmaceutical and paint companies, as well as the latest industry news.

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trading of textiles auxilirase & cosmetics chemicals
The Company was founded in 2010 as Individual a long Experience in Raw materials practicing. We Have Started Our Business In Exploring And Grading All
Sprea misr is a company for producing plastic ,chemical and recently HPL fiber
our company can clean out deface currency, also called anti-breeze (stained money) bank notes,
Sunsudo provides best-ionized water and it is one of the foremost trusted brands in alkaline water ionizers machines for sale in Chandigarh
At swift services ceramic Microspere and whole spheres is used as a drilling oil. Advantages of Microspere Reduced weight,increased filler loadings.
Xinyi hosts a good workforce of competent engineer teams who work with passion to deliver high-quality products and services , all electric motor are
chemical trader in the Egyptian market
An Egyptian joint venture company with the purpose to produce Ethylene, Butadiene & their derivatives (Polyethylene, Poly-Butadiene).
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We are Pharmacuutical Company based in England are cooperating with generic drugs manufacturers. Our main market is Central Asian market.
our company work in polymer and adhesive field...
a company that provides the basic chemical resources for the manufacturing of cosmetics and other health care products