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Telco digital AI assistants market research report, Chatbot monetization industry research report : Ken Research

The industry of technology and telecom is gaining more attention with the more development in the technologies of telecommunications and networking.
Trisha Mathur | 12.11.2018
According to the report analysis, ‘Telco Digital AI Assistants & Chatbots: State of Play and Monetization Plans’ states that some of the major companies which are currently functioning in this domain for dominating the demand of the potential buyers and attaining the highest share across the globe involves Alibaba, Amazon, Apple, Baidu, Deutsche Telekom, Globe Philippines, Google, IBM, Kakao, KT, Kyivstar Ukraine, LG, Magic Leap, Microsoft, Nanosemantika, Naver, Orange, Servicefriend, SK Telecom, Softbank, Telefonica, Telegram, T-Mobile, Verizon, Viber, Vivo, Vodafone, Xiaomi and several others. Whereas, many of the education, furniture, agriculture industry are also taking the advantage of this technology by establishing it in the respective segments. Most telco digital assistant and chatbot deployment initiatives have initially aimed on the digital customer support and supplies. The digital assistants and Chabot’s are becoming significant capabilities to operating telcos’ customer journey digitization.
The industry of technology and telecom is gaining more attention with the more development in the technologies of telecommunications and networking category. Whereas, the Artificial intelligence is a reputed technology in the various aspects of the numerous industries. As it is an intelligence demonstrated by machines in the contrast to the natural intelligence demonstrated by humans and sometimes it is also known as machine intelligence. In its history, the artificial intelligence research has been split in to the subfields that often fail to connect with each other as the subfields are based on the social factors and technical considerations. With the effective development in this technology the various industries are adopting this technology and lead the market growth more actively. Whereas, many tools are used in AI, which drive the market growth around the globe in the recent trend such as artificial neural networks, search and mathematical optimization and methods based on statistics and several others.
The artificial intelligence has great abilities in the automation and decreasing the amount of time in administrative tasks. Recently, this technology powered the devices which enable of grading only objective answer sheets but as AI improved, it shall soon be able to assess subjective answer sheets as well. Hence, the introduction of this technology in the education industry has proved to be disruptive and observed an effective growth across the globe in the near future. For instance, the developed countries are dominating the effective share across the globe while the under developed countries are proving themselves more effective for accounting the handsome amount of share. Additionally, the artificial intelligence powered bots which have been established in Georgia Tech University, where bots reply to definite common and pre determined questions without knowing the user that they do not interacting with a human being.
The report also serves several of monetization choices that telcos have adopted and are planning to rollout for their digital assistant and Chabot abilities. The key players are also performing significant changes in the specification of the artificial technology for leading the market growth and investing the adoption of drivers for knowing the consumer behavior more effectively. Therefore, in the coming years, it is expected that the market of artificial intelligence technology will grow more significantly across the globe over the decades with the introduction of new applications in this technology and strategic development.
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