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Mobile Network Operator KPIs and Subscriptions Database Q1-2012.

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Mac Peter | 15.09.2015
With 6.1 billion global cellular network subscriptions, the year 2011 has seen mobile penetration levels reach over 87 %. Demand for mobile broadband LTE deployments was a key driver of infrastructure sales in throughout 2011, offsetting spots of continued weakness in legacy voice technologies. As a result of considerable LTE deployments throughout the globe, global operator CAPEX totaled 128 Billion throughout 2011, up almost 30 % from 99 Billion USD in 2011. Furthermore, data APRU increased to USD 5.71 up 7.1 % from Q4’2010, while voice revenues decreased to 10.32 %, down 11.4 % from Q4’2011. Fuelled by increasing mobile broadband deployments Non-SMS data revenues, which now represent 60 % of all data revenues worldwide, were the primary contributor to mobile revenue growth throughout 2011. Spanning over 24 datasheets that cover 810 global operators, the “Mobile Network Operator KPIs and Subscriptions Database Q1’2012” tracks historical figures and forecasts on cellular network subscriptions and financial/operational KPIs. The database cover the following contents for each operator • Subscriptions by Technology • Subscriptions by Category (Pre-paid/Post-paid) • Service Revenues • Voice Revenues • Data Revenues • EBITDA • EBITDA Margin • Average EBITDA Margin per User • OPEX • OPEX per Subscriptions • CAPEX • CAPEX as % of the Revenue • CAPEX per Net Addition • Simple Free Cash Flow • Monthly Churn Rate • Total ARPU • Pre-paid ARPU • Post-paid ARPU • Voice ARPU • Data ARPU • Non-Messaging Data ARPU • Data ARPU Share • Average Minutes of Voice Usage • Total Minutes of Voice Usage • Revenue per Minute

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