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How Egypt became home to the world's largest water treatment facility

The New Delta Irrigation Water Treatment Plant secured four Guinness World Records for its size, capacity, and advanced technologies.
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In a remarkable achievement, Egypt has established itself as the host of the world's largest water treatment facility, the New Delta Irrigation Water Treatment Plant. This monumental project has garnered global attention, securing four Guinness World Records for its size, capacity, and advanced technologies.

A Historic Milestone

Constructed by a joint venture of leading Egyptian companies—Orascom Construction, Hassan Allam Construction, Arab Contractors, and Metito—under the mandate of the Ministry of Defence's Armed Forces Engineering Authority, this facility is a testament to Egypt's engineering prowess and commitment to sustainable development. The plant, located in the western Delta region, plays a critical role in the reclamation and development of agricultural land, with a production capacity of 7.5 million cubic meters of agricultural drainage water per day.

Record-Breaking Achievements

The New Delta Irrigation Water Treatment Plant's accomplishments include:

  • The largest water treatment facility by area.
  • The most capacious and operationally robust water treatment plant.
  • The largest area covered with epoxy coating in its structures.
  • The biggest sludge treatment plant globally.

These records were celebrated in an official ceremony attended by representatives from the joint venture companies and key government officials, highlighting the collaborative effort behind this groundbreaking project.

Technical Excellence and Sustainability

Spanning over 320,000 square meters, the plant operates at an impressive capacity of 86.8 cubic meters per second, with a substantial sludge treatment capability of 670.01 kilograms per second. Completed in just 24 months, this project incorporates state-of-the-art sustainable technologies and solutions, making it one of the most significant sustainability initiatives worldwide. It is a pivotal component of Egypt's national water resources plan, ensuring water security and fostering prosperity and sustainability for future generations.

A Vision for the Future

The plant's construction not only marks a significant technological achievement but also represents a strategic vision for Egypt's future. The facility will help reclaim and develop 2 million acres of agricultural land in the western Delta, boosting agricultural productivity and contributing to national self-sufficiency. The project also emphasizes environmental protection by relying on advanced water management solutions.

Leadership and Commitment

Karim Madwar, CEO of Metito Egypt and Managing Director of Metito Africa, expressed pride in Egypt's efforts to expand water treatment and desalination projects. He noted that the New Delta project, the largest of its kind globally, underscores Egypt's commitment to sustainability in infrastructure, aligning with the national strategy to expand agricultural areas in the Western Desert.

Hassan Allam, CEO of Hassan Allam Holding, highlighted the significance of this facility in reclaiming agricultural lands and constructing new urban communities in the Delta region. He emphasized the role of such projects in driving national development and ensuring sustainability for future generations.

Ahmed El-Assar, CEO of Arab Contractors, celebrated the successful completion of the world's largest water treatment plant with 100% Egyptian labor, finished in a record time. He noted that the New Delta Plant treats a substantial amount of agricultural wastewater daily, supporting the reclamation of 2.2 million feddans and contributing to national security and economic support.

Osama Bishai, CEO of Orascom Construction, added that this achievement demonstrates the company's dedication to delivering innovative and sustainable solutions. The project sets a benchmark for future infrastructure projects, showcasing the use of advanced technologies to tackle significant environmental challenges.


The New Delta Irrigation Water Treatment Plant is more than just a record-breaking facility; it is a symbol of Egypt's dedication to sustainable development, water security, and economic progress. This project not only enhances Egypt's infrastructure but also serves as an example of how advanced technologies can effectively address environmental challenges. As Egypt continues to invest in such transformative projects, it sets a strong foundation for a prosperous and sustainable future.