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Ministry of trade & industry launches 80 investment opportunities to boost national industry

The objective is to increase value-addition, reduce the trade balance deficit, and create job opportunities.
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In a bid to strengthen the national industry and promote import substitution, the Ministry of Trade & Industry in Egypt has embarked on an ambitious initiative. This endeavor is part of a broader economic reform strategy and aims to achieve the nation's Vision 2030.

The industrial sector holds a key position in this visionary plan. A thorough evaluation of Egypt's industrial sectors and subsectors has been conducted, focusing on local manufacturing capabilities that attract industrial investments, particularly for strategic products.

According to a representative from the Ministry, the objective is to increase value-addition, reduce the trade balance deficit, and create job opportunities, thereby strengthening the national industry.

To facilitate this goal, the Industrial Modernization Center (IMC) undertook a comprehensive analysis to identify factors that could contribute to reducing the trade balance deficit. The analysis considered the potential for localization and the presence of a strong industrial foundation.

The result? A list of eighty investment opportunities with high potential to attract both local and foreign direct investment (FDI). By seizing these opportunities, Egypt aims to position itself among countries with self-sufficient industries, aligning with its broader objective of enhancing the investment climate.

These investment opportunities encompass a wide range of strategic products, including intermediate and final goods. The proposal also includes details of available investment incentives and provides an extensive study of the targeted local market, key facilitators, and notable attractions.

This significant step taken by the Ministry of Trade & Industry contributes to Egypt's larger push for economic reform and industrial development. The nation is determined to achieve industrial self-sufficiency and economic resilience by 2030.

Download the file below "Investment Opportunities" to see areas of investment and possible opportunities.