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DMArts holds digital marketing summit in April

The summit includes representatives of Facebook, Twitter and BBC and offers free workshops for students and fresh graduates.
Digital Marketing Arts Academy (DMArts) announced holding the annual summit fir digital marketing technology in Cairo between 1-2 April.
The summit will take place at Intercontinental City Stars hotel with the participation of more than 3000 marketing experts and 60 prominent international representatives of major companies in the field.

Participants include representatives of Facebook, Twitter and BBC along with Advisor of the Irish Prime Minister and prominent economist Paul Osulivan, who also serves as deputy head of DIT University. Osulivan is going to study Egypt's readiness to become a hub for exporting digital marketing solutions to the world.

The summit includes 5 main events held simultaneously throughout the 2 days. One of the most important events is a seminar on the role of social networks in governments' performance. It will be held on the first day and includes 3 sessions.
Another seminar will be held on the second day in 3 sessions moderated by businessmen and experts to discuss the crucial importance of digital platforms for small and medium enterprises.

In an official statement, DMArts announced that the summit will address decision makers, government organizations and leading marketers and economists in Egypt to adopt innovative digital systems and tools. This will help them market their projects and products to their audiences.

Special sessions during the summit will be dedicated to examining the newest international trends in the future of advertising and data, the performance of social media, marketing content and the role of mobile services in developing advertisements and promotion campaigns.

"We, at DMArts, fully understand our role in developing the digital industry in Egypt; we take it upon ourselves to transform Egypt into a regional hub for digital marketing through different modern means of communication" said Ahmed Sabry, chairman of DMArts.

He added that DMArts worked for months to coordinate with several prominent figures in the Arab region to ensure that the summit will have an influential positive impact on the industry.

The summit also aims to attract international attention to the potential and expertise of the Egyptian market in the digital marketing field.

The summit will include 8 workshops open for free to students and fresh graduates to introduce them to the basics of digital marketing. The workshops will provide them with the skills needed to manage marketing campaigns on social media.

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