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Egypt has endless opportunities in IT and Telecoms

The Oxford Business Group report monitored promising developments in the IT/Telecoms sector
Oxford Business report had released their annual report about the detailed economic status and expectations. The report's outlook on the overall status of the Egyptian economy was quite positive.

Egypt Business Directory selected three important sectors of the Egyptian Economy to highlight the report's outlook on them; these are Tourism, IT and Telecoms, Real Estate and Construction.

The IT and Telecoms sector is one of the most dynamic sectors of the Egyptian economy and represents a field full of opportunities for investments.

This sector is set to witness several significant changes. A new universal license was approved in 2014, legacy state-owned operator Telecom Egypt will launch its own mobile operator, new international gateway licenses will be offered, fixed-line market will finally be open to mobile operators and the 4G networks will be operated in Egypt in 2016.

All these developments in the IT and Telecoms sectors are fuelled by the high consumption and increasing penetration of the market and will increase government revenues.

Mobile operators in Egypt have endless opportunities for growth depending on the tendency of consumers to have more than one SIM card (depending on use, offers, packages..) and most importantly the population that is increasing by 2.5% a year bringing in new costumers and delaying market saturation.

Operators are shifting away from owning their own network and infrastructure and going more into sharing, creating the way for infrastructure companies; one of which is due to be launched in 2015 with a license fee of 42.6$m. Strong infrastructure is needed to accommodate the expansion of 4G networks and higher data volumes. Competition is expected to rise exponentially dragging prices down and increasing value added services.

Image via Shutterstock/Rhonda Roth