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UNWTO welcomes Egyptian President's support for tourism

14 million tourists arrived in Egypt in 2010, generating US$ 13 billion in tourism receipts - and UNWTO is glad Morsi is going to work on that.
Egypt Travel | 04.07.2012
UNWTO Secretary-General, Taleb Rifai, has congratulated Mr. Muhammad Morsi on his election as Egypt’s new President and applauded his support for the tourism sector, as expressed in the President’s first speech after taking office.

“We will work together to encourage investment in all sectors, and restore the role of tourism for the benefit of the Egyptian economy and every citizen in Egypt,” said Mr. Morsi in his first speech as Egyptian President.

“I warmly congratulate President Morsi on his recent win and welcome his strong commitment to tourism, a major pillar of the Egyptian economy,” said Mr. Rifai. “Tourism to Egypt, one of the leading foreign exchange earners and job creators in the country, is showing clear signs of recovery, boosted by political support at the highest level. UNWTO offers its full support to the Egyptian tourism sector and will continue to work closely with the relevant authorities towards its full recovery.”

14 million international tourists arrived into Egypt in 2010, generating US$ 13 billion in tourism receipts. While arrivals were down 32% in 2011, following the pro-democracy movement that swept across North Africa and the Middle East, results for the first five months of 2012 show arrivals up 29%.