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Web Designer

Web Designer for Bright Creations, a software solutions provider.
Bright Creations | Cairo | 09.08.2011

Job Description:
Web design work will include creative website designs which reflect a product/clients brand, images, and other graphics for the websites. Will include designing layouts, colour schemes, fonts and a combination of text, audio, image and video selection.
Graphics Design of client logos, images, advertisements, flash banners, stationary and brochures.
Conceptualising user interfaces for client projects and maximising user experience. Will include rapid prototyping and designing of application user interfaces using HTML, Dreamweaver, Flash and rapid prototyping tools.

Job Qualifications:
Requires knowledge and experience in the following software:
1. Adobe Illustrator
2. Adobe Photoshop
3. Adobe InDesign
4. Adobe Dreamweaver
Please do not apply if you do have the above experience.
Would be very beneficial if have experience in:
1. Flash
2. Axure RP
3. Wireframing Software
Please send your CV and Portfolio to recruitment[at] with a subject set as DESIGNER. Not attaching a portfolio will reduce your chances of being selected.