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Recruitment Specialist

Recruitment Specialist for Raya Contact Center
Raya Contact Center | 28.07.2011

•Receives hiring requests from Operations Department
•Performs searches for qualified candidates according to relevant job criteria, using databases, Internet recruiting resources, walk ins, media, and employee referrals
•Screens potential candidates CVs, conducting on the phone interview with candidates & scheduling interviews with candidates accepted from the phone screening
•Conducts first interview with candidates who passed the pre-employment test
•Coordinates with Operations & candidates accepted from first interview for scheduling second interview
•Enters data of accepted candidates on the Recruitment application on the WFM & on the Training Template
•Makes sure that the employee signs the NDA form and submits a personal photo and Criminal record on the first day of training
•Audits on the filling of the candidates documents required as per the COPC approach
•Updates the Recruitment metrics on monthly basis to measure the On Time and Recruitment Quality as per the COPC Approaches
•Conducts exit interviews with resigned employees and working on their retention
• Enters the exit interview results on the online kiosk
• Performs other related Duties
• Min. 1 year experience
• Part-time job
• Preferable Gender: Male


Fluent English
Basic Knowledge of Human Resources functions
Interviewing Skills
Customer Focus
Result Oriented