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Medical Delegate

Medical Delegate for Nestlé Egypt
Nestlé Egypt | 28.07.2011

Operational Responsibilities:
• Act as a reliable source of information on infant nutrition and infant feeding practices for the contacts in areas that interest or affect them in their regular practice. Any questions / problems not handled by the Medical Delegate should be reported to the Field Supervisor - Nutrition.
• Adhere strictly to the WHO Code / Nestlé instructions and / or national code as well as local regulations in this regard. No violations will be tolerated.
• Monitor cycle detailing guidelines ensuring that scientific factual information reach the contacts and communication objectives achieved.
• Provide feedback to the Field Supervisor on his medical visits.
• Participate in company organized training courses, seminars etc.
• Organize medical / scientific meetings & presentations to contacts to enhance their knowledge.

Territorial Management:
• Maintain an up to date contacts census and master list of all contacts in his/her territory, this information should be updated either manually or electronically through PDAs.
• Achieve targeted call frequency and territory coverage.
• Identify competitor strategies / communication and should report to Field supervisor (sales manager) their activities.

Organizing Responsibilities:
• File all territorial records and correspondence in an organized manner.
• Ensure that he / she has adequate stock of detailing material needed as per cycle plan and should Keep an accurate inventory of all materials available every quarterly.


• Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science.
• 0- 2 years experience preferable.
• Developed ability of communication skill
• Developed ability of organization
• Developed ability of presentation skills
• Must be able to win trust and respect of others.
• Must be able to build personal relationships based on trust, mutual respect and open communication.


Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science