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Maintenance Supervisor

Maintenance Supervisor for PepsiCo International

1. Supervisor the preparation of Preventive Maintenance programs.
2. Coordinate and supervise the implementation of the preventive maintenance program.
3. Ensure availability of spare parts needed for production lines, setting the minimum and maximum requirements for local and imported spare parts.
4. Create and review orders of imported and local (spare parts) and make sure a good technical description is included.
5. Inspection of local and imported spare parts and inspection work before entering the Daily Store Warehouse.
6. Confirm validity of workshop equipment to provide necessary support needed on time.
7. Following up on planned projects and making sure they are implemented on time and within the set budget.
8. Train and develop staff and provide them with necessary support and managing their planned vacations.
9. Work on the implementation of the goals of AIB Audit.
10. Supervise the implementation of ABC control and its application in the areas of preventive maintenance, workshop machines, spare parts, and fixed assets.
11. Make necessary adjustments to production lines according to new updates in the IPS Standard.
12. Receive all proposals for improving the efficiency of equipment and supervise the implementation of the chosen ideas approved by the department head.
13. Attend the weekly follow up meeting for resolving problems in production lines.
14. Convey and explain to staff information about employee behavior and commitment to the values and principles of PepsiCo, as well as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
15. Ensure health and safety standards in the work place.


Bachelor of Engineering
2-3 years of experience
Effective leadership skills
Good communication and interpersonal skills.
Computer knowledge (Word-Excel-ppt)