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La Boutique Supervisor

Working for CSA is a great opportunity to join a dynamic team and to play a key role in advancing CSA’s mission.

CSA is looking for a full time position up to 24 hours working including some evenings. Job responsibility include to:

1. Supervise team of volunteers including to recruit, train, schedule and manage to support everyday operations.

2. Ensure that La Boutique Shop services satisfy customers, advance CSA mission and meet operational targets.

3. Maintain accurate records of all members with the retail merchandise and payouts.

4. Prepare item or visual display with appropriate signage, themes and in keeping with seasonal plan and priorities.

5. Supervise cash management including to close out shifts; handle deposits; update sales & receipts of items and schedule vendor payments.

6. Direct the marketing and promotion of the shop, in person, offline and online.

7. Prepare monthly sales reports; order forms and other bookkeeping documents in keeping with department procedures.

8. Support the development of strategic priorities of the La Boutique to continually improve systems and range of products and services on offer.

9. Work with the manager to fulfil current work plans with specific attention on introducing a Point of Sale system and Inventory management system.

10. Assist Manager to ensure that budgets and work plans are managed accurately and up to date.

11. Possess a well rounded knowledge of all on site service areas to provide cover in the absence of volunteers and staff.

Applicant must possess excellent customer service skills, ability to meet deadlines, a team player with high organizational skills. Strong knowledge of computer particularly Excel and Microsoft Word is a must and should be fluent in English Language. Position is open to foreign passport holder only.