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Executive Secretary

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PC Link | Alexandria | 26.07.2011

Secretarial duties and administration assistant:

• Answering calling, attend board meetings.

• Deal with customers.

• Handel phone calls & receive complaints.

• Following up on our projects to the customer.

• File managements and database administration.

• Sending e-mails, searching internet.

• Preparing and reviewing daily tasks .

• Conducting accounting activities on day-to-day basis and during monthly / quarterly / yearly closing.

• Analyzing , booking , paying and reconciling AP (Accounts Payables).

• Perform reconciliation: (Balance Sheet, Banks, Suppliers).

• Analyzing financial transactions.


1. Ability to handle pre meeting requisites,documents,presentations & visiting cards.

2. Knowledge of standard secretarial procedures & office management techniques.

3.Ability to communicate effectively both verbally & in writing with diverse groups including top level administrators & board members.

4. Skills & ability to prepare concise & accurate written communications,prepare documents & complete work assignments.