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Egypt Corporate Lawyer

Egypt Corporate Lawyer for PepsiCo International

- Drafting and reviewing all kinds of contracts for all PepsiCo's entities as well as the ability to keep up with the pace of the business.
- Interaction with all other functions as well as other members in the legal department.
- Interaction with governmental agencies.
- Interaction with regional law department.
- Conducting legal research in different fields of the law and communicating with other functions to adapt contracts and agreements to rapidly growing and fast moving business needs.
- Take part in internal assessments of business practices as well as projects involving partnering with other functions to grow and clarify the role of corporate legal and provide function specific advice and legal assistance.
- Interaction with all functions across the company, including management level, within the framework of drafting and reviewing company contracts.


- Bachelor degree in Law (English section).
- 4-7 years of experience
- Corporate legal experience including drafting and reviewing of contracts and business agreements in both languages (Arabic and English). In addition to handling clients, conducting due-diligence and providing legal advice.
- Multinational Organization or a law firm specialized in corporate law exposure.
- Excellent command of English language specifically including legal terminology.
- Very Good Computer skills.
- Ability to function as part of a team and interact with governmental agencies.
- Excellent negotiation and communication skills.
- Ability to work under pressure without compromising quality.