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E-Learning Specialist

E-Learning Specialist for Scitecs for Integrated Solutions
Scitecs for Integrated Solutions | Alexandria | 28.07.2011

Scitecs is looking for a qualified candidate for the position of e-Learning Specialist and Moodle Administrator. This exempt position is responsible for ensuring that a high standard of instructional design is maintained throughout the life cycle of each online learning development project. Duties include assisting in the development of eLearning curricula and courses, working closely with content experts to develop interactive, effective content and course designs, providing artistic direction to designers and developers, editing course content, reviewing and evaluating course content, assisting with embedding, formatting and deploying learning objects within Moodle LMS, and providing quality assurance testing for courses and postproduction work


•Microsoft Office 2007.
•Graphic editing software, e.g. Photoshop.
•Course authoring software, Captivate, Camtasia, Lectora or similar rapid e-learning authoring tool(s).
•Moodle v.1.9 + or other enterprise Learning Management System.
•Providing Tier 1 support and troubleshooting for the Moodle LMS.
•General knowledge of deploying learning objects such as flash video, and media management within Moodle.
•Ability to manage projects simultaneously within deadlines and budgets and be detail oriented.
•Experience working in a team environment is essential.
•Strong verbal and written communication skills.
•Exceptional reading comprehension and copyediting skills.
•Candidate should be a college graduate (English department).
•Candidate should have excellent command of English language.
•Candidate should be presentable.
•Effective communication and listening skills.
•Exceptional questioning and listening skills
•Previous experience or post graduate studies are a plus.
•Ability to work under pressure.
•Ability to work in teams.
•Good negotiation skills
•Ability to convince and impress customers


Bachelor or equivalent certificate

Minimum 1 year of experience