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Android Developer

Android Developer for IPNEO
IPneo | Cairo | 28.07.2011

Job Field : Telecommunication

Job Type : Full Time

Major : Computer Science

Required Experience : 2 years

Job Description
Participate in the full development cycle of android based applications. This includes UI/UX design, development using the SDK and NDK and additionally testing on emulator and real target platforms.

Responsibilities may include one or more of the following:
- Use of object oriented tools for system design.
- Implementation of a Java based Android application on top of the Android SDK and a third party SDK.
- Extending the Android native applications to provide a richer UX.
- Working with the Android NDK for extending the functionality with third party libraries.
- Porting to different versions of Android.

Job Qualifications
- BSc in Electrical Engineering or Computer Science from a top university
- Extensive programming experience using ‘C'' language
- Extensive programming experience using ‘Java'' language
- Good knowledge of object oriented design
- Good knowledge of socket programming
- Previous experience using Android NDK is a plus
- Previous experience with Android Audio/Video applications is a plus
- Must have experience in programming under windows or Linux
- Good knowledge of networking protocols is a plus
- Background in wireless communications is a plus
- Ability to work in a fast paced dynamic environment