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Manage the finances of OrchTech for Enterprise Resources Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Website Development etc.
OrchTech | Giza | 26.08.2011

• Executed the day to day work of registering the expenses and collections.
• Managing the different receipts and invoices.
• Do the work of the budget submitted to the tax at the end of the fiscal year.
• Determine the tax to be paid and to ensure consistency with the policies of government taxes
• Continue the process of collection and if necessary go in person to receive money or checks.
• Manage all payments of the company: rented apartment, Mobile fees, insurances payment, etc…
• Finalize the Insurance governmental documentation of the company. Issue and maintain the legal documents of the company: i.e. commercial registration every 3 months.
• Analysis of the results of operations and financial costs and profits and Obligations of the institution of material using the computer
• prepare the general budget and statements of income and losses and depreciation
schedules and other financial reports using the Excel or financial program OrchTech

Job Qualifications:
• Bachelor’s degree.
• Communicate effectively both orally and in written form.
• Ability to work in team working in a continuously changing environment.
• Be responsive to change.
• Excellent in Excel.
• Ability to handle different tasks simultaneously.
• Experience: 1 – 3 years