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Finance and Accounting Manager- Top Business Group

A reputable company located in Sheraton is hiring a Finance and Accounting Manager
Top Business Group | 29.11.2017

Job Description:
Set & apply agreed financial and accounting policies, rules & systems & process & forms in coordination with the senior management team, in order to ensure system consistency.
Develop the system / process / analysis that aim to monitor & control the inventory value/inventory turns / inventory profile /inventory aging/ expenses / cost and invoices in order to control the current assets and to place the corrective actions to achieve the company targets related to it.
Manage cost, funds and cash flow, in order to control the general cost and to ensure the smooth of liquidity.
Implement the cycle count for all the assets (including the inventory) of the company on a timely manner and in the proper way in order to control the company assets and maintain it to be safe and secure.
Manage all the process of account’s data entry in a proper and timely way to enable the company to produce the account results in terms of balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow status.
Manage all kinds of issues related to taxes properly, accurately and efficiently to ensure that everything is according to the correct systems and process while being also updated with any changes in the laws.
Manage all treasury issues to ensure the necessary cash flow in terms of dealing with banks, expenses, salaries, etc….
Manage all functions and activities related to clients’ accounts (invoices’ issuing, tracking status (receivables), manage collections process; follow up all letters of grantees & primary insurances). In order to smooth the relationship with clients in a correct way and to reduce the receivable amount to the optimum period.
Provide & corporate with the external auditors to facilitate their job requirement and produce efficient reports.
Set an action plan to his / her direct reports to achieve the agreed upon actions/ objectives on regular basis. As well as review and monitor their performance on regular basis to ensure the plan is achieved on time.
Prepare an annual appraisal report for department staff and set a developmental plan on the appraisal outcome, such as training …etc. in coordination with the HR department to retain them through helping them to maintain their career paths.
Support and provide the department’s heads with various kinds of required communication channels, works and reports that will enable them to perform their functions effectively and efficiently. Also as a management team to review the performance results on regular basis.
Responsible for setting career development plan for his / her direct reports and ensure they do the same for their subordinates.

Age: 35 years and above
Bachelor Degree:
Bsc. of commerce Ain Shams University or Cairo University
Preferable, extra post graduate studies. Ie CMA, MBA, …
Experience Background
10 years of working experience and above (aged till mid forties is preferable)
Experienced with general accounts arrangement, taxes reports
Computer Skills: Excellent in Microsoft Office and ERP systems.
Language Proficiency: Excellent in Arabic and English

Medical Insurance

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