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Safety Representative- by Top Business

A local company located in 6th October City is hiring a Safety Representative position
Top Business Group | 16.10.2017

- Maintain and apply knowledge of current policies, regulations, and industrial processes.
- Update technical knowledge
- Recommend process and product safety features that will reduce employees' exposure to chemical, physical, and biological work hazards.
- Recommend technical design or process changes to improve efficiency, quality, or performance
- Inspect facilities, machinery, and safety equipment to identify and correct potential hazards, and to ensure safety regulation compliance.
- Inspect facilities or sites to determine if they meet specifications or standards.
- Inspect equipment or systems
- Install safety devices on machinery, or direct device installation.
- Install instrumentation or electronic equipment or systems.
- Investigate industrial accidents, injuries, or occupational diseases to determine causes and preventive measures.
- Investigate safety of work environment
- Review plans and specifications for construction of new machinery or equipment to determine whether all safety requirements have been met.
- Evaluate designs or specifications to ensure quality.
- Report or review findings from accident investigations, facilities inspections, or environmental testing.
- Maintain operational records or records systems.
- Document design or operational test results
- Interview employers and employees to obtain information about work environments and workplace incidents.
- Investigate safety of work environment.
- Evaluate adequacy of actions taken to correct health inspection violations.
- Investigate safety of work environment
- Review employee safety programs to determine their adequacy.
- Investigate safety of work environment
Conduct or direct testing of air quality, noise, temperature, or radiation levels to verify compliance with health and safety regulations.
- Conduct or coordinate worker training in areas such as safety laws and regulations, hazardous condition monitoring, and use of safety equipment.
- Teach safety standards or environmental compliance methods
- Provide technical advice and guidance to organizations on how to handle health-related problems and make needed changes
- Advise others on health and safety issues
Interpret safety regulations for others interested in industrial safety such as safety engineers, labor representatives, and safety inspectors.
- Explain engineering drawings, specifications, or other technical information
- Maintain liaisons with outside organizations such as fire departments, mutual aid societies, and rescue teams, so that emergency responses can be facilitated.
- Confer with technical personnel to prepare designs or operational plans.
- Write and revise safety regulations and codes
- Design and build safety equipment
- Design industrial equipment.
- Fabricate devices or components
- Confer with medical professionals to assess health risks and to develop ways to manage health issues and concerns
- Confer with other personnel to resolve design or operational problems.
- Confer with technical personnel to prepare designs or operational plans.
- Compile, analyze, and interpret statistical data related to occupational illnesses and accidents.
- Investigate the environmental impact of projects.
- Plan and conduct industrial hygiene research
- Research human performance or health factors related to engineering or design activities.
- Check floors of plants to ensure that they are strong enough to support heavy machinery
- Inspect facilities or sites to determine if they meet specifications or standards

- Age: between 25-35 years old
- Bachelor Degree: Engineering
- Experience Background: 3 years at least.
- Computer Skills: Good knowledge of Microsoft Office
- Language Proficiency: Good in Arabic and English

- Social Insurance
- Transportation: Bus

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