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HR Manager- by Top Business

A hospital located in El Menia is requesting an HR Manager position
Top Business Group | 10.10.2017

- Examines and develops the internal organization of the hospital and examines its impact on the flexibility and implementation of operations. Develops and develops the organizational structure of the hospital, clarifying the units and relations among them, distributing the roles and defining the administrative names of the work team.
- Analyzes and describes jobs based on the goals and objectives of the hospital and determines the appropriate qualifications for the positions such as the appropriate scientific qualification and the duration and type of experience required
- Establishes and maintains good relations with the supply sources of applicants. Plan and implement a plan for the announcement of vacancies. Plans and executes - individually or with the participation of department managers - preliminary interviews for applicants to fill certain positions
- The Director of Human Resources shall meet with the resigning staff member and discuss with him a dialogue about the reasons for leaving the job, the problems that hinder his continuation with work and the means of treatment, and prepares a special report for each case. It periodically prepares a periodic report to discuss the reasons for leaving work and how to treat them
- Be sure to provide the justification for the appointment of candidates for the job of a specialist, human resources and personnel affairs and ensure their completeness and conformity and prepare the worker's file and set a identification number.
- Prepare and develop the mentoring program for new employees and prepare a monthly report showing the levels of performance achieved and the extent of their administrative discipline
- Prepares and analyzes the turnover rate of labor per month and explains the reasons that cause the rise and what treatment methods.

- The Human Resources Manager must have an appropriate administrative qualification
- Preferably have a diploma in human resources from one of the universities
- He has knowledge of management principles such as planning, managing work resources and preparing administrative reports
Has knowledge of Egyptian labor law and regulations
- The HR Manager must have at least 10 years of experience in the various human resources management processes
- Arabic: fluent speaking and writing and English Language: English Proficiency Fluent in speaking and writing
- Proficiency in the use of computer applications and the Internet
- Age : between 35 - 40 years old

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