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Financial Manager- by Top Business Group

A hospital located in El Minya, Egypt is requesting a Financial Manager position
Top Business Group | 10.10.2017

- Participate in setting the main objectives of the hospital and participate in its formulation.
- Preparation of sub-plans and operational programs for financial management to achieve the main objectives of the hospital.
- Participation or effective attendance at the regular meetings of financial management.
- Responsible for following up the implementation of financial management plans.

- Bachelor Degree: Bachelor of Commerce - Accounting Department (Arabic) - Bachelor of Commerce - Accounting Department (English).
- Experience in accounting work not less than ten years, including at least two years in a similar job position (external experience).
- Seven years experience as a financial accountant (experience within the hospital).
- Five years experience as a cost accountant (experience within the hospital).
- Language : Very good Arabic and English.
- Age : between 35 - 50 years old

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