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We're hiring a personnel specialist

1 to 3 years of related experience in personnel and payroll management is preferred.

Job Description

The employee will be in charge of the Personnel department and all its activities in the company including, but not limited to, Personnel, Payroll, Attendance Management, and Medical Insurance.
Ensuring company compliance with the Labor law.
Generating all the reports needed to be submitted to the government labor office.
Processing new employees’ social insurance, employees’ termination, leave of absence, and other personnel actions, using appropriate forms.
Creating and maintaining personnel records for each employee.
Following up on each employees’ annual and sick leaves, and sending them letters containing remaining balances.
Compiling information from personnel records to be used as documentation for retirement calculations, disciplinary actions, grievance responses, and confidential personnel reports.
Administration of social & health insurance for all company’s employees and determining the company’s share as well as that of the employee.
Ensuring the company’s compliance with law and regulations on all personnel matters and issuing any necessary documents required from official authorities (labor & insurance offices).
Responsible for employment procedures regarding issuing new contracts and revising labor office insurance documents.
Responsible for the employees’ database system and employment files.
Responsible for issuing new employees IDs and renewal of existing ones annually.
Following up with employees’ contracts, renewals, and terminations.
Keeping records of work time and attendance, tracking employees’ absences (regular/ irregular), and sending legal warnings accordingly.
Keeping record of insurance coverage and personnel transactions such as hires, promotions, transfers, and terminations.


Bachelor degree in any field, preferably in Law.
1 to 3 years of related experience in personnel and payroll management.
Very good command of the English language.
Very good computer skills.
Excellent communication skills.
Very good presentation skills.
Time and stress management skills.