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EMC is hiring an associate delivery specialist

Proficiency in hardware, software and/or operating systems environments is required
EMC2 | 21.03.2016


The Associate TSAP Implementation Specialist will be providing billable services to EMC Customers. The extent of these services will include configuring, installing, troubleshooting and supporting EMC products, and the integration of these products with others.

PRINCIPAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Provides software related custom integration and implementation support on EMC products at the customer site; this may include pre-site inspection, initial installation, troubleshooting, implementation, customization, integration, and outline orientation for the customer. Performs basic to moderately complex and/or extended-stay software implementations. Implementation functions may include; configuring network interfaces, configuring file systems, configuring IP/FC/iSCSI Host Base Adapters (HBAs), running scripts, zoning and masking, installing and upgrading software/code, testing/validating final product solution and developing appropriate customer configuration guides. Installs or upgrades EMC software and hardware products in an Open Systems environment. Installation functions include: technical planning, design review including providing feedback on solution, the creation of implementation configuration files, running/storing cable, defining and applying hardware/software settings and setting up remote support. Demonstrate system capabilities, review software operation and management tools, and provide information to customer concerning the operation and use of EMC products. Maintains awareness of existing or potential customer software/hardware and machine situations. Proactively alerts customer and manager of potential problems based upon strong working knowledge of software and hardware compatibility within the customer's environment. Actively works to educate others in the region and nationally on potential problems and resolutions. May occasionally support other activities as needed. Customer Functions Ensures a high degree of customer satisfaction through resolution of customer situations, handling product issues, pre-installation site planning, installations/implementations, and upgrades. Successfully manages relations with customers utilizing negotiation and influencing skills to acquire the internal and external resources necessary for optimal results. Supports GS delivery team in developing Scope of Work and Project Plans. Regularly communicates status of project and all applicable customer issues to the project owner. When applicable, advises project owner on level of effort required to perform assigned implementations. Seeks advice or assistance from GS management as required during difficult customer situations. Works in conjunction with EMC colleagues to ensure effective resolution of technical issues encountered during implementations. Takes all appropriate action steps to ensure customer is comfortable signing off on Project Completion Form and obtain customer sign-off. Completes internal end-of-project reports. Administrative/Ind Development Function Keeps Project Managers informed of activities, alerting of any issues promptly. Provides updates to EMC case tracking system and or other technical applications for software implementation and Problem Reporting/Resolution. Stays current on technical specifications and hardware requirements of EMC software products, including new and soon to be released products. Adheres to proper GS alert and escalation procedures. Keeps appropriate management personnel informed in accordance to EMC policies. Focuses on continued technical development through EMC Proven Professional program and third party training and certification programs. EMC Proven Professional Certification desired. SKILLS Analytical ability. Problem solving skills. Ability to multi-task. Organizational skills. Ability to work independently. Customer Service skill. Strong technical aptitude.

Ability to work in a team environment.
Proficiency in hardware, software and/or operating systems environments.
Strong technical aptitude.
Knowledge of the technical aspects of hardware/software subject matter.
Customer Service skill.
Problem solving skills.
Organizational skills.

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