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Head of Early Years required for Malvern College

Early Years planning including the production of the Early Years Improvement Plan (based on the College’s Improvement Plan)
Malvern College Egypt | Cairo | 06.11.2015

Department: Whole College
Reports to: Head of Primary
Must liaise with: Early Years Team
Effective Date: August 2016
Location: Cairo, Egypt
Job Type: Full-Time

Essential Requirements – you must:

● Have a leadership style based on supporting, appreciating and nurturing the talents of those around you

● Be sensitive to the cultural differences you will find in Egypt and be willing to develop a cross cultural approach to work

● Be an adaptable educator and innovative leader with a passion for learning and teaching

● Have enthusiasm, a good sense of humour and be a good motivator and administrator, capable ofmanagingkeyaspectsofanEarlyYearssectionofthisexpandingandhighprofileInternational School

● Be viewed as a genuine ambassador for theschool

● Possess good communication skills and be professional and confident in communicating with all school stakeholders and externalagents

● Be able to provide support, guidance and leadership to Early Years staff in all matters associated with the specific responsibilities

● Be understanding of the needs and issues facing all stakeholders within the school community

● Show leadership through action and example in your daily conduct

A clear focus on learning is the foundation stone of MCE’s teacher standards, which guide and inform our approach to our students’ learning and development across each age range. They are:

Knowing their students as people and how they learn
It is an expectation that Malvern College Egypt teachers have detailed knowledge of not only the developmental characteristics and learning needs of the students they teach, but also their personalities and who they are as people. This requires real empathy and skill in meeting the wide variety of individual learning and pastoral needs of international school students with their differing linguistic, cultural and educational circumstances.

Planning and delivering excellent learning and teaching
It is an expectation that Malvern College Egypt teachers not only have up to date knowledge of their respective curricula but that they have high expectations for their students and as a result, set challenging learning goals. We want our pupils to gain the best results of which they are capable. Therefore, Malvern College Egypt teachers use a variety of learning and teaching strategies, ideas, resources and digital technology to support their students in achieving these goals and results. They encourage their students to develop a love of learning, of exploring ideas and of discovering the world about them. They encourage active student participation in classes with an emphasis on understanding, creativity and critical thinking so that our students are able to work confidently with others.

Assess, provide feedback and report on student learning and progress
Malvern teachers are skilled and effective users of assessment for supporting and developing learning. They use a range of assessment strategies and data to inform their appraisal of students’ progress, which aids their planning and reporting of student progress and to design appropriate intervention and support.

Demonstrate International-mindedness and Global Citizenship
Malvern College Egypt teachers appreciate the different perspectives and beliefs of people from different countries, cultures, religions and languages. They do so by showing politeness, respect, kindness and concern. These values should permeate every aspect of the school. They recognise the importance of developing our students to be ethical global citizens. Malvern College Egypt teachers want each pupil to develop a sense of self-worth, knowing the difference between right and wrong and doing the right thing when it comes to making choices.

Engage Professionally in Learning and with the Community
Malvern College Egypt teachers are given access to top quality professional learning. It is an expectation that they participate collaboratively with colleagues to improve their practice. They hold themselves accountable to the highest professional standards in their interactions with colleagues, students and parents.

● Assist the Head of Primary with the oversight, line management and support for all teaching and support staff in the Early Years

● Chair any Early Years staff meetings and attend meetings of the Primary Leadership Team

● Production of any Early Years parental literature

● Coach and/or mentor leaders within the EarlyYears Curriculum

● Curriculum planning, design and management, in liaison with Head of Primary, Heads of Subject, and the Primary Leadership Team

● Production of EarlyYearscurriculum handbooks in liaison withHeadofPrimary, Heads of Year/ Subject and the Primary Leadership Team

● Timetabling and resource management

● Assist the Head of Primary with the overall management of the Primary School self-evaluation and improvement strategies. StudentSupport and Learning

● The implementation of the College and Primary School’s pastoral policy and learning policy

● Responsibility for monitoring and evaluating Early Years policy on learning and teaching

● Organisation of Early Years assemblies

● Oversight of transition from Early Years, to Key Stage1 and onto Key Stage2 with the Head of Primary External Relations

● Encouragement of parental support and involvement in the work of the College

● Maintainingregularandproactivecommunicationwithparentsthroughregularwebsiteupdates and information in the newsletter

● Organisation and presentation at parental curriculum and other information sessions.

● Ensure the continuity of students’ curriculum experience from Early Years and into Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2

● Support the Head of Primary in the performance management of staff in the Early Years Provide professional leadershipandensuretheCollegedeliversthehigheststandardsofcareandeducation for all the children in Early Years and Key Stage 1

● Establish and maintain good discipline in the Early Years

● Provide a safe, secure and stimulating environment for all students and staff in line with College safeguarding procedures and in compliance with regulatory and accreditation requirements. Specific responsibilities are as follows„

● Involve all Early Years staff in planning and evaluation

● Provide initial induction, support and assessments for Early Years teachers new to Malvern College Egypt

● Lead the Early Years Team

● Support and advise members of staff in the Early Years

● Ensure that students come first in all aspects of College life, working within the philosophy and objectives of Malvern College Egypt

● Monitor curriculum content and delivery in the Early Years

● Assist in the development of policies and schemes of work, ensuring that they reflect continuity and progression

● Lead and liaise with subject leaders and ensure that the provision of resources is appropriate to the delivery of the curriculum in Early Years

● Ensure that schemes of work are updated and that curriculum overviews are written

● Monitor Early Years assessment requirements and ensure that staff are implementing the agreed assessment and marking policy

● Support and encourage curricular and pastoral developments within the Early Years

● EnsurethattheHeadofPrimaryiskeptinformedonmattersrelatingtocurriculumintheEarlyYears

● Work within the Health and Safety requirements of Malvern College Egypt

● Follow the requirements of the Equality of Opportunities Policy of Malvern College Egypt to ensure an environment that is free from prejudice and discrimination

● Work in collaboration with the Head of Primary to ensure vertical articulation of the curriculum across the Early Years and Key Stages 1 and 2

● Help establish a high profile for MCE Early Years programme within the local and international community

● EstablishandmaintainaneffectiveandproductiveworkingrelationshipwiththeHeadofPrimary and deputise for the Head of Primary when required

● Support the Head of Primary in promoting effective learning and teaching and the formulation of policy Personal and professional development

● To take part in the performance management process of the College

● To attend professional development training as required

● To disseminate information from professional development attended Teaching

● The Head of Early Years (Deputy Head of Primary) will have a teaching commitment negotiated with the Head of Primary.