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Part-time marketing specialists needed for International Safety Depot

2 years of experience and marketing skills are required.

Job Title: Marketing Specialists
No of Vacancies : 10
Department/Group: All
Location: All Governorates
Level/Salary Range: commission

Role and responsibilities:

The job of a Marketing Specialist involves overseeing all marketing activities of the company. They are responsible for designing, creating and delivering marketing programs to support the growth or expansion of the company, its products and services. They develop marketing goals, create sales presentations, as well as provide reports about various researched data such as competition, pricing and market trends.

Qualifications and education requirements:

A successful candidate must possess a bachelor’s degree in advertising, journalism, communications, marketing or a related field, plus at least 2 years experience in marketing.

Professional requirements:

Excellent interpersonal skills, effective marketing skills, written and verbal communication skills, presentation skills, analytical and problem-solving skills, leadership and management skills, ability to work well under pressure,and knowledge of marketing practices, graphic design concepts, and media placement. He/she should also be highly self-confident, forward thinking, detail oriented, and exhibit a high level of creativity and bold initiatives.

Additional notes:

Planning and implementing marketing programs; preparing and overseeing advertising tasks; supervising activities of subordinates; negotiating and collaborating with vendors and contractors for media placements; determining target markets and competition through extensive research; handling the production of promotional materials; leading group sales programs; and attending events, among others.