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Junior Web Developer needed for eSEED

Develop features and code for, and other partner websites of eSEED.
eSEED | Cairo | 25.03.2012

To apply for this job, please click on the following link:

Department: Software Engineering

Job Description :
- Develop features and code for, and other partner websites
- Develop code for eSEED web applications
- Work on desktop application projects, mobile applications on various platforms
- Performance optimization and documentation for eSEED code

Key Performance Indicators:
- Total task complexity completed per day
- Constant reporting and follow up
- Quality and efficiency of code

Learning Points:
- Working in a dynamic company with ventures in various software fields
- Multi-tasking very different projects and tasks with optimum efficiency
- High levels of discipline in working and collaborating online with stakeholders
- Maximum exposure to a software developing environment
- Going through the software development cycle from requirements analysis to delivery

Required skills:
- Familiarity with Object Oriented programming
- Ability and persistence to work alone on big projects
- Professionalism in meeting deadlines
- Strong time management capabilities
- Effective Communication
- Dedication

Preferred Skills:
- Adobe Photoshop
- Javascript
- jQuery

Selection Process:
eSEED does its selection a bit differently.
1. Submit your application
2. If you pass the application filtering, you will be invited for a programmer competition in the eSEED office.
3. The winner will start orientation right after to start working with us.

Working conditions:
- Working hours: 25 hours per week
- Office hours: at least 12 hours per week
- Office opening hours: weekdays from 9 AM to 5 PM

Last year or completed Bsc. in Computer Science or related discipline