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HR Specialist needed for PepsiCo

Carry out communication policies to establish a proper flow of information at all levels at PepsiCo - Egyptian Bottling Company.

To apply for this vacancy, please visit:

This vacancy is available in all governorates.

Job Description:

Staffing & Onboarding:
- Internal Job Posting for Staff & Front Liners
- Shortlist and interview the internal applicants
- Sourcing CVs & use the Front Liners database
- Follow up on the Letter Of Understanding and submitting it to the accepted candidate
- Hiring of seasonal labor
- Exit interviews & Analyzing data and prepare recommendations or alarming signs
- Timely enrollment of new employees in payroll and benefits programs
- Timely execution of administrative changes for employees who change jobs or employment status
- Track the Annual Operating Plans vs. Actual and recommend means of optimizing the Head Count
- Hiring/ attendance / and payment for the daily labor
- Do a proper assessment for the new hired employee after the 3 months prohibition
- Employee transfer forms/ files
- Track and ensure the implementation of the hiring of relatives
- Carry out Ahlan (onboarding program) for new hires
- Prepare and onboarding plan for new hires

- Get trained and provide the site with the assigned trainings
- Train all the employees on the new policies
- Deliver and Champion Code Of Conduct

- Handling the outsourcing company in the location
- Investigation on site
- Handling any investigation requirement on site
- Investigate and answer any employee complain

- Power Of 1 preparation/ logistics in each site
- Announcements
- HR Service board
- Carry out communication policies to establish a proper flow of information at all levels of the organization
- Prepare and follow up on the intouch action plans in the Distribution Center
- Come up with ideas for flowers for the employees

- Manage all the medical cases and follow up with the central team/ follow up on the doctors visit to the site- Manage all the invoices and pay back
- Manage the Petty cash of the medical cases - Pending
- Manage the service car in the DC
- Manage the different service providers (cleaning company ..etc) and escalate when needed
- Handle the Buffet and the allowance for employee drinks
- Handle the cafeteria and ensure that the service provider is providing service with quality
- Handle the transportation service
- Maintenance furniture/ AC / Machines/ Meeting room
- Mobile lines
- Maintain the First Aid boxes

- Contract renewals
- Finalize the end of service documents for the employees
- Responsible for the employee files and updates
- Follow up on the employees who didn't show up for 10 days and sending the write communication and warnings
- On-time and accurate personnel administration to meet employee needs, PepsiCo requirements, legal compliance and safety regulations
- Requests for HR letters- Manage the labor reporting directly to him/her
- Point of contact for the D&A policy in the DC (transfer, results …ect)
- Implement the labor law- Track the attendance

* Ability to deal with diverse backgrounds.
* Analytical / Thinking skills to be able to identify opportunities.
* Communication skills.
* Inter-personal Skills.
* Bachelor Degree holder
* Good command in both spoken & written English & Arabic language is required