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Senior RNP Engineer

Huawei is a leader in providing next generation telecommunications networks.
Huawei Egypt | Cairo | 09.10.2011

- Responsible for maintenance, management and professional services of wireless network all over the world, including GSM(GPRS,EDGE), UMTS, and LTE.

- Supporting Huawei's top level projects according to plan, and dilivery project with high quality.

- Responsible for Team management: making woking plans according to project scheme and monitoring task implementation.

- Provideing professional service solution, including Frequency planning, Coverage and Capacity planning for scaled network.

- Providing guidance and technical support to network acceptance test including SSV, cluster acceptance test and some funtion test such as handover, thoughput, power control etc.

- Providing guidance and organize team to analysis and resolve some complicated problems of coplex network.

- Responsible for resolving the Technical issues & schemeing reports and routine communication with customer high level.

- Providing senior training to customers, subcontractors or service partners.

Job Qualifications

- Bachelor degree(acquired) or above majoring in Telecommunications, Electronics, Electrical, or related fields.

- At least 3 years working experience in Radio network planning or optimization, CDMA/GSM/UMTS/WiMAX/LTE.

- Familiar with coverage and capacity planning, RF optimizaiton, parameter optimization, and master common RNP&RNO tools, such as mapinfo, google earth, terms and so on.

- Fluent English.

- Has the ability to adpat to business in different countries.

- Business trips shall be required mainly in middle east and north africa, and all over the world (Egypt is included).