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CEO of EFG Hermes.

Managing Director - Head of Investment Banking, EFG Hermes

Head of Research at EFG Hermes Egypt

Vice President of Egypt International Shipping Group

Executive Chairman at Egypt Post

Khaled Hussainey Lecturer in Accounting at Ain Shams University Senior Lecturer in Accounting at Stirling University

Director of the Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs.

Chairman of the Egyptian Exchange

Executive Chairman at the Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority

Deputy Chairman of the Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority - EFSA.

Director, PPP Central Unit - Egyptian Ministry of Finance

Deputy Assistant Foreign Minister, Director of Public Diplomacy; Official Spokesperson – Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Chairman of Egyptian SMEs Association.

Chairman of the Egyptian Society for Healthcare Administration.

Executor & Designer at the Egyptian Stained Glass Company, producing quality design and drawing on a huge variety of both mouth-blown.

Chairman - Egyptian State Information Service (SIS)

Chairman of the Egyptian Tourism Federation

ahmed gaber
I'm an electrical maintenance engineer

Chairman of El-Taamir Mortgage Finance “ALOULA”.

Elhamdy foodservices designing solution provides food service design and consulting service for operators , architects and developers

Yasser Shawky
Embassy of Finland
11211 Cairo