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Amber Doors
Amber Doors & Loading Bay Services Limited

Taha Ahmed
Darco for household appliances metal works

raf grup
raf grup

Ranjan Kumar
Piyali Engineering Corporation

Ahmad Nouh
Middle East For Electromechanics

Magdy Narouz

Burag Karayan
Trio Metal Ceiling Systems
34055 İstanbul
We produce standart metal casette ceilings , baffle ceilings , opencell ceilings , expanded mesh ceilings and special custom made ceiling systems.

Ibrahim Safwat

Sumar Lee
Permanent Steel Manufacturing Co.,Ltd

Zach Reece
Colony Roofers

khaled Toema

Ahmed Haredy
Egyptian Engineering for Progress Trading
We serve the sectors of Industry Manufacturing,Construction,Oil & Gas,Chemical Plant,Agricultural,Textile and Marine Services. Let Us be Your Chioce

mahmoud ahmed
international coating contractor

Ramy Essam
Gazala Steel Fabrication

Wael Nasr
Al-Rasheed Awnings Factory

Misr For Copper
6 October
A member of “Lotfy Group of companies founded in 1960, reputed with its high quality copper bronze products with a wealth of experience and history

Martin Buwembo
IBM Steel Metal Fabrication Building Company kampala

melis bilge
Ekip Steel

abdelhamid mohasseb
ahram for security

mohamed gabel سحر اللمسات

SALAH majeed

juli pala
International structural steel manufacturing

Vizas Works
VIZAS WORKS, Open Joint-Stock Company