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11.07.2023 - 12.07.2023 | North Africa | Conference

Virtual Event - Uniting North Africa's digital ecosystems to drive sustainable, inclusive growth

North Africa Com

11 - 12 July 2023, Live Event


North Africa’s economy and ICT sector showed resilience despite a tumultuous few years following conflict, instability and the effects of COVID-19. It has maintained its position as a leader in fixed broadband connectivity and a hub for digital innovation, with many of its countries committed to set up thriving digital economies by 2030. Technological investment will continue to be at the heart of its economic recovery and rebuilding efforts.

North Africa Com will explore how strengthening digital infrastructure and deploying disruptive 4IR technologies at scale across the region will drive affordable, accessible internet connectivity. We’ll explore how solving these on-going challenges will enable policymakers, business leaders and technology champions to drive more inclusive, sustainable growth and build more resilient economies.


In Partnership with Faculty from
Harvard Business School & Harvard Law School