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14.01.2023 - 16.01.2023 | Cairo | Conference

The International integrated construction solutions exhibition & summit

Cairo Construction Hub

14 - 15 - 16 January 2023


  • Exhibition

The International integrated construction solutions exhibition is an interactive, professional, elite method of communication between exhibitors & visitors, the presence in an integrated, diversified, competitive yet well distinguished environment, highlights the power of this vital sector and the role of each exhibitor as a partner in the success story of “ Egyptian experience model“ reflecting the urban development & mega projects achievements.

The Urban development and sustainable construction Summit is the first of its kind, taking place in Egypt, through interactive Sessions, discussion panels & presentations.
- Showing experince that enable contributy to the future of urban development
- Commuinicate the urban development vision
- Highlighting the experience to unleash opportunities in African and Arab open markets for the urban partners
- Present academic studies and recent trends in urbanization

  • Young Architects Competition | 2023

Design competition for the headquarters of the Arab-African Partnership Initiative for Development and Urbanism “Heritage Links - Future Aspirations - Climate Challenges”

Designing the headquarters of the Arab-African Partnership for Urbanism and Development as a main headquarters in the city of Aswan, through which it is possible to hold meetings and practice

events and programs that enable member states, through permanent delegates and members representing the initiative countries to exercise their roles in planning, following up, coordinating and supervising the implementation in all areas of the initiative.

  • Award

The celebration of honoring the urban system partners ( ministries - associations-projects
- consultants and experts ) for their prominent role in the construction boom taking place in Egypt.
In conjunction with our celebrations of the June 30 revolution, as well as the inauguration of the Administrative Capital, the Egyptian Museum and many major national projects.

In celebration of the Urban Partners System, which contributed to the success of the «Egyptian experience model» in the current urban renaissance, “Cairo Construction Hub» launched the Excellence Award, which is given to individuals, bodies, entities and projects that have achieved an architectural and urban achievement

  • Platform

An interactive electronic platform that brings together all the partners of the Egyptian urban system, including government officials concerned with architectural and urban projects, funding bodies for mega urban projects, consultants, building materials producers and manufacturers, universities and research centers concerned with the urban system.