Marketing-Börse PLUS - Fachbeiträge zu Marketing und Digitalisierung
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16.03.2021 - 16.03.2021 | Conference

changed to 7 p.m.: Mrs Clubhouse Egypt and Mr Clubhouse Germany will discuss latest trends and the future of audio apps

In its Clubhouse session every Tuesday presents and discusses case studies of companies which owe their success to professional digital marketing. Tue Mar 16, 7 pm Cairo time.



Sherin Ewase – Mrs Clubhouse Egypt is one of the most talented Egyptian moderators on the new audio network Clubhouse. She is Deputy Chief Executive Officer at CreditGO and has over 15 years of experience marketing, public relations and event planning.

Sarik Weber – Mr Clubhouse Germany is Cofounder of Xing the German equivalent of LinkedIn.

Torsten Schwarz – CEO of, digital marketing expert since 1994



Digital marketing is like cooking: you need the right ingredients and a good recipe. The ingredients of professional digital marketing are the right marketing technologies in the right combination.

In our clubhouse session consultants and agencies will explain us the success story and the recipe of companies that successfully grew their customer base through digital marketing. You learn how to spend your marketing budget wisely and how to attract new customers by spending less money than your competitor. These are the questions which are adressed during the session:

Which digital marketing tools are best for which purpose?

What technology stack is available in the company?

Which digital marketing channels are the most efficient?

What was the role of search, social and email marketing?

What can you do to make customers read your marketing emails?

Which social media platforms proved best to reach the audience?

What is your experience with influencer marketing?

What kind of content is attractive to new customers?

How do you improve customer experience?

What are the latest developments in your search engine strategy?

Are you using CRM data to optimize the customer journey?



How to use Clubhouse:

Clubhouse is an audio network. It is like a talk show on the radio, where you can join in the discussion. Try it out! It is necessary to have an access to Clubhouse. Download the app and wait until you are being invited. Clubhouse has 10 million users and runs on iOS only. An Android version is in the works.