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03.02.2019 - 05.02.2019 | Cairo | Conference

Egypt Rail will be one of the largest rail exhibition in its region, well organised, inspirational and it will bring leaders from all over the world.

Middle East & Africa Rail Show
03 - 05 February 2019, Cairo
Exhibition & Workshops

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What is Middle East & Africa Rail Show?

Egypt Rail will be one of the largest rail exhibition in its region in recent years, well organised, inspirational for the next ones and it will bring leaders, decision makers from the rail industry all over the world.This is a must and only participate event for the ones who wants to involve in the emerging Rail Industry in Egypt, Middle East.

Why Middle East & Africa Rail Show?

The railway industry is currently in evolution era in Middle East Region where its appetite for rail is rapidly growing. Especially Egypt is one of the most emerging country in this area. However, overcrowded and dangerous roads cause serious problems. As part of a national strategy to solve this, the country is encouraging a program to sharply rise the capacity of its rail and metro networks, launching projects to modernise existing routes while new vital networks will have been created. So this is a great opportunity to be part of these plans to shape Egypt’s rail future.