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24.11.2015 - 25.11.2015 | Cairo | Conference

Delivering world-class egyptian infrastructure and mega projects to schedule and within budget - Don’t miss the Egypt Construction Awards

Egypt Construction Forum & Awards
in Cairo from 24-25 November.

Egypt is going through a period of unprecedented growth following a period of political turmoil. The government has embarked on a massive spending spree in an attempt to compensate for the decades of under investment in the country’s public infrastructure.

Earlier this year agreements and MOUs were signed with various international governments and commercial enterprises that have pledged over $92 billion earmarked for a number of projects in the energy, housing and transportation sectors. In addition the expansion of the Suez Canal is underway and there are plans for the development of the surrounding area as well as the development of an entire new city, east of Cairo, that will accommodate 5 million people along with all the civil infrastructure, facilities and amenities necessary This increase in development is great news for the country’s construction industry.

However development in Egypt is fraught with challenges. The government has imposed very tight schedules on the completion of its projects which will require contractors to employ the latest construction techniques and technologies to deliver their projects on time.

Furthermore there remain a number of significant challenges including the availability of modern machinery and materials, skilled labour force on new building techniques and an increase in sustainability and environmental considerations that also need to be addressed for the successful development of Egypt’s infrastructure.