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20.01.2015 - 21.01.2015 | Cairo | Conference

Understanding new regulations will be crucial to the success of retail divisions from 2015 onwards.

Are You Ready to Benefit from The New Egyptian Microfinance Regulatory Framework?

Finance IQ is proud to launch it’s inaugural Microfinance Egypt summit at a critical time when both credit and insurance providers as well as NGOs in Egypt are about to be given a micro finance incentive boost through the forthcoming microfinance law.

This means more compulsion to invest in small and medium sized businesses as well as individual businesses which have the potential to transform the Egyptian Economy.

Whether you are a local or international bank, MFI or MFV, NGO or provider of innovative mobile banking technology, understanding these new regulations will be crucial to the success of your retail divisions from 2015 onwards.

The regulatory framework is an unprecedented move after several previous key pieces of legislation because it combines the regulatory framework for all MF providers under the Egyptian Financial Services Regulatory Authority.

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