Marketing-Börse PLUS - Fachbeiträge zu Marketing und Digitalisierung
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10.09.2012 - 11.09.2012 | Cairo

The Art of the Next - Digital Marketing Arts teaches you about real-life marketing experiences what are not portrayed in academic books.

In a market that changing so rapidly, we developed Digital Marketing Arts to build deep understanding of current and futuristic global digital marketing Strategies and trends and deliver ideas and insightful resources to give you the chance to uncover the secrets of Digital Marketing leadership.

Digital Marketing Arts developed to empower talented marketer with impactful know-how , we created the art theme to blend with digital marketing knowledge and come up with unique experience for Middle East marketing and PR professionals.

In Digital Marketing Arts 2012, we focus on two major gears, 1st is Social Media Marketing and 2nd is Digital Advertising.

Why attend:
- Understand how to create and implement successful Digital Marketing strategy.
- Learn how to approach new markets using Digital Marketing.
- Gain the insightful resources for online branding excellence.
- Open the door for the global trends and how to customize to support your business success.
- Decide how to select variety of tools to achieve your (digital) marketing objectives.
- Discover new tactics to defend your online brand reputation and avoid crises.
- Leverage your Digital Marketing innovation techniques.
- Deliver greater return on investment.
- Win the digital marketing battle.

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