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Heavy Industrial Equipment in Egypt

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AI-robots,& VRs


C0- cup color changing (coating) machinery USD5,000.00
c1- Toilet and Laundry Soap Plant USD300,000.00
generator manufacturer deutz, perkins, isuzu, ricardo,lovol genset
Make and bay some electrical
Rental of electric power generators and their auxiliary equipment.
Over 12 years of experience in designing/manufacturing caravans, Mud Tank, offshore baskets, containers, workshops
Imex for Industry & Trade
10th of Ramadan City Sharqia
Manufacturing of all types of conveyer belts and machinery for different industrial sectors.
Hi Tek Engineering
6th of October City Giza
Packaging and process machinery system. Automation and material handling..
Rawasy for Engineering & Development
6th of October City Giza
Producer of silica sand with several grain sizes for paints, chemical industries, water treatment and sand filters.
Technical Projects Company (TEPCO)
6th of October City Giza
Producer of electrical switchboards needed for infrastructure electrical networks and for energy distribution for buildings and factories.
Founded in 1976, IEC is a private manufacturing, trading and contracting firm, working in the field of electrical power engineering.
Agent of Ansaldo Energia & Mulmix in the field of electricity, power & heavy industry and Iberdrola in the field of renewable energy.
Importer of hand tools, machinery equipment, machinery for industry and work shops.
We are a reputable co. in the field of body vehicles and utility trucks since 1975 till now , we transform vehicles to: Ambulances , Fire trucks, etc.
Regular maintenance for overhead cranes Emergency repairs for cranes Supplying & installing overhead cranes of all types Overhead crane spare parts