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veeta egypt polymers
10TH Of Ramadan
we are manufacturer for pvc solutions , pvc paste, used for filters, leather, decorations, insolations, automotive, carpet and mats, we can develop
27100 Gaziantep
Baby diaper
Sadat city
We are EGYPLAST Company specialist in producing irrigation water dripper for advanced water irrigation pipes.
Polymer additives and other chemical raw materials used for Textile, Paper, leather, printing ink ,PP, PE, PET, PVC, Insulation materials, etc.
polymers for industry
tenth of ramadan
we produce eva sheet and rolls for the footwear ,soles,innersoles,sound proof,backer filler,gym mate,nursery floor,packing.
we replace wood
Tangshan Sanyou has 5 plants, producing more than 3000000 mt of high quality Soda Ash Caustic soda Calcium Chloride to supply customers in world wide.
We have developed a product named “Poly Bonnd”, 5-8% of this product added with PE/PP finished products can increase the filler loading up to 50%
Hebeish Group
11211 Cairo
Manufatuer of HDPE Full Piping Solutions. HDPE Pipes for Potable , sewage, cable protection & micro ducts.
Marso rubber
11203 Tenth of Ramadan
In Cairo since 1971
long experience with rubber products manufacturing
products that lives long.. thanks God
ISO 9001,18001 OHSAS14001 Certified
Abdulwahhab for tyre and rubber recycling.Est
new salhia city,zone2,bldg294
tyre recycling plant,rubber powder,shredded tyres,crumb rubber
custom rubber, custom o rings, rubber o ring, rubber seals, Rubber Gasket, silicone gasket etc
Manufacture of PET bottles and jars for edible oil, drinking water, pharmaceuticals, carbonated soft drinks, cosmetics and agrochemical bottles.
Pommereit GmbH designs and delivers rail vehicles and machine components made of elstomere, duromere and plastomere materials etc.
D-67227 Frankenthal
Manufacturer, distributor and exporter of plastic foils and plastic sheets.
Leading manufacturer of PTFE/PCETF/PUM/Graphite seals, fillers, packings, gaskets and special CNC parts with high quality and competitive price.
10th of Ramadan City
TAWPlast makes the best in Garden ware,Home ware and Kitchenware. Builder Buckets,Ice Scrappers, Seed Trays and more.British Molds.Egyptian Heritage
White Particles
302016 Jaipur
White Particles is engaged in procuring, mining ,processing and delevering high grade Calcium Carbonate for end application of array of applications.
Xanadu Technologies Limited
XANADU Technologies Limited is a Chinese manufacturer and distributor dedicated and specialized in ECO-friendly new materials for Plastics Industry.
396900 Voronezh
Akryl Company biggest producer of C9 Hydrocarbon Resins and solvents for varnishes, paints, printing inks, adhesives, mold blends and binding.
Ami Polymer Pvt Ltd
396230 Silvassa
We are Leading Manufacturer of Silicone Platinum Cured Tubes, Braided Hoses, Inflatable seals/Gaskets, O rings, Sieves, TFE, Bellows, Diaphrams, EPDM
Arax Chemistry
3311454780 Tehran
Arax chemistry Co. Is one of the leading companies in the field of manufacturing and exporting caustic soda flake98% with the best quality in Iran.
Basil Prompt Vinyl Pvt. Ltd.
380014 Ahmedabad
We are manufacturers of SILVIN brand Super Pack used for PVC pipe and Fittings. It makes your product environmental friendly, Lead free and toxic free
specializing in manufacturing and converting of various packaging materials for three Egyptian and African industry