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Don’t let it affect your RCM; help your medical practice staff be more efficient with 24/7 Medical Billing Services expert training. 
Stay abreast with the latest mandates of the healthcare regulatory authorities & successfully deal with the transition to the latest coding standards of ICD-10. Your revenue generation largely depends on coding. Coding is an extension to immaculate billing documentation process. It is more than just knowing the appropriate code & the updates. It is about accuracy & ensuring the deserved remuneration from the insurance companies.

Make the most of the extension of ICD-10 implementation deadline – October 01, 2015. Don’t let it affect your RCM; help your medical practice staff be more efficient with 24/7 Medical Billing Services expert training. ]

We provide six hours of specialty wise sessions to the physicians & medical assistants.

  1. Experienced & certified professionals to impart customized training

  2. Compliance with the regulatory standards

  3. Use of up-to-date technology for coding

  4. Helps in assigning appropriate CPT and ICD-10 codes

  5. Enables the staff to address emergency / immediate billing

  6. Saves time on resubmissions or lessen chances of denials

  7. Boosts the practice performance in terms of efficiency

  8. Digital training with a personal touch

  9. Learn remotely as per your convenience

  10. Flexible payment option & guaranteed satisfaction


Deftly Avoid these Pitfalls:

Change is a path to improvement & progress; accepting it & tapping its full potential is the secret to success. The learning process is time taking but once ingrained into the daily practice, it can give you the cutting edge.

  • Avoid unpreparedness this time; get 24/7 MBS to assess your practice readiness

  • Lack of damage control; plan in advance for the financial impact of the transition

  • The topmost reason for billing errors (due to lack of experience / training) is inaccurate coding

  • Incomplete or inadequately filled CMS-1500 forms result in rejections

  • Reduce accounts receivable (AR) days by timely filing (within 24 – 72 hours)


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About 247 Medical Billing Services:

We are a medical billing company that offers ‘24/7 Medical Billing Services and support physicians, hospitals, medical institutions and group practices with our end to end medical billing solutions. We help you earn more revenue with our quick and affordable services. Our customized Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solutions allow physicians to attract additional revenue and reduce administrative burden or losses.

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