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Leitfaden Online Marketing Band 2: Das kompakte Wissen der Branche

The reference book for everyone who does online marketing. Peppered with case studies, the guide explains all facets of online marketing.
Publisher marketing-BÖRSE GmbH
2011, 1120 Pages, 49,90 EUR ISBN: 9783000327988

How can more and above all the right visitors be directed to the homepage? What is the current state of knowledge on SEO, affiliate marketing and targeting? How can the conversion rate be improved through more usability? Purchase decisions are not always made immediately on the homepage. If you haven't heard of the customer journey, retargeting and behavioural email, you will lose customers to the competition. The social web is no longer a closed book, but an efficient way to reach new target groups. Modern online marketing is much more than banners, search engines and newsletters. Over 100 experts have their say in this guide. The book describes the current state of knowledge on one of the most important marketing topics. About the author Dr. Torsten Schwarz is considered an expert on online marketing in Germany. He is the publisher of the consulting newsletter 'Online-Marketing-Experts', author of various professional articles and books as well as a multiple lecturer. According to 'acquisa', he is one of the thought leaders in marketing and sales. The online pioneer was head of marketing for a software manufacturer.