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Daily News Egypt: IBM shift towards digital economy creates new business opportunities

In 2018, IBM Egypt’s six centers are continuing to export IT services out of Egypt.
06.12.17 | Interesting article at Daily News Egypt

The IT field in Egypt is one of the country’s most significant sectors that has great potential for growth. IBM is currently discussing with authorities how many of the mega projects in Egypt could benefit from their technologies, according to Amr Talaat, general manager of IBM Egypt.

What is your vision of the investment climate in 2018’s requirements? What are the opportunities for growth under the State Plan for Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is important for Egypt for more than one reason. First, because it will increase the level of services provided to citizens and help to exploit resources optimally, as well as provide new jobs in areas not previously available.

The simplest proof of this is the provision of thousands of jobs through smart applications for transporting people, such as Uber and Careem, which proves that the digital economy is capable of achieving many advantages.