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Read papers from renowned expert on Egypt's business.

  • TED2013 Worldwide Auditions

    More than half of the speakers at TED2013 will be selected through an ambitious experiment in crowdsourcing: the TED Worldwide Auditions.

    14.02.2012 | TEDx

  • Google+ vs. Facebook

    A summary of Google+ features and usage and how it compares to Facebook in marketing your business.

    13.02.2012 | PromoLinks International

  • The Egyptian Military between Politics and Economy

    How has the Egyptian military shifted from their defense obligation to economic expertise and what do they actually own?

    12.02.2012 | Gehad Hussein

  • Resume Proofing Checklist

    Having trouble writing your resume? Here is a checklist on how to proof-read you curriculum vitae and what to omit.

    09.02.2012 |

  • Hide From Google

    Starting March 1st, 2012, Google will combine information from user’s Gmail, Google Search history, YouTube, etc. Learn how to protect yourself.

    05.02.2012 | Wired - How-to Wiki

  • Twitter's growing pains

    Moves to allow country specific censorship created controversy as netizens voiced concerns - on Twitter.

    02.02.2012 | AlJazeera

  • 5 Reasons Middle East Startups Should Care About Facebook's IPO

    Facebook will be the largest tech IPO to date, followed by Google, Zynga, Groupon, and LinkedIn.

    02.02.2012 | Wamda

  • 15 Powerful Twitter Tips for Your Small Business

    The key to successful Twitter marketing is to focus on building strong relationships with your customers and prospects.

    01.02.2012 | Twitter Tools Book

  • 5 Tricks for Twitter Power Users

    Leo Widrich, co-founder of the social media management tool Buffer, on how to get more out of your Tweets.

    31.01.2012 | Inc. Magazine

  • 20 Facebook for Business Tips

    Small or Large, if your business is not on Facebook you are missing out. Check here how to optimize your Facebook experience.

    31.01.2012 | FanPageFlow

  • Selling to a Huge Firm: 6 Simple Steps

    Selling to a corporate behemoth takes time, effort and patience. Use this map to track your customer's buying process--and stay one step ahead.

    30.01.2012 | Geoffrey James

  • How Google Made Its Money in 2011

    Google earned nearly $38 billion in 2011 revenue. Here's how -- and why you should care.

    29.01.2012 | Inc. Magazine

  • 4 Ways to Sell Unsexy Products

    Got a great product that's all steak and no sizzle? Road ID co-founder Edward Wimmer on how to craft the killer pitch.

    26.01.2012 | Inc. Magazine

  • What Facebook Users Like: 6 Secrets

    The social network officially crunched the data. Here's what Facebook users like -- and how to make it work for your brand.

    26.01.2012 | Inc. Magazine

  • You're Not on Google+? Big Mistake

    Sure, it's not mainstream yet, but Google+ is an influential social engine heavily indexed by the search giant.And your business needs it.

    24.01.2012 | Inc. Magazine

  • How to Make Money on Facebook

    Is your Facebook page a real snoozer? You won't make much money that way! Even the smallest business can make money on Facebook. Here's how.

    24.01.2012 | Inc. Magazine

  • Google Science Fair 2012 Opens to Arab Students

    Science students looking to answer burning questions about the nature of existence now have Google’s help.

    24.01.2012 | Wamda

  • Will the iPhone 5 Be an Epic Fail?

    Why the iPhone 5 might be the phone that finally fails to impress.

    23.01.2012 | Inc. Magazine

  • Don't Call Us--We'll Facebook You

    Email, text messaging, social media and phone are all competing for attention. So what's the best way to communicate directly with a client?

    23.01.2012 | Inc. Magazine

  • 2011 In Review: 4 Innovative Products We Like in Egypt

    Egyptians released a number of innovative products in 2011, despite all the challenges ahead, including Wadeeny and Law3andakDam.

    23.01.2012 | Bright Creations